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NTRA Youth Basketball Program

The NTRA youth in house basketball program consists of four different levels beginning with Kindergarten. The players progress through the levels up to eighth grade. Each level is determined by the current grade of the player. The first and second levels play at John L Hensey School, while the third and fourth levels play at Beverly Manor School. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the basketball program, feel free to email our basketball director, Craig Sellers at [email protected].


Program Levels:


Level 1 Level 1 is intended for children (boys and girls co-ed) in kindergarten and first grade. The children will learn the very basics of team playing, such as positions on the court and dribbling the ball.


Level 2 Level 2 is for children (boys and girls co-ed) in second and third grade. The players will expand on the basics of basketball, such as duties of each position.


Level 3 Level 3 is for children (boys and girls coed) in fourth and fifth grade. The players will learn all aspects of basketball. This level will work on executing offensive and defensive plays as well as continuation of the basic skills.


Level 4 Level 4 is for children (boys and girls coed) in sixth through eighth grade. The players will focus on mastering the skills they have developed in the previous levels.

Registration Information:

The basketball season will run from beginning/mid January to mid March. We will start registration typically mid November and run through the end of the year. We will send out registration reminders to anyone that has an account on our website, as well as advertise it on our Facebook page. 

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